Namaszczenie chorych sakramentem Bożego miłosierdzia

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Strona: 305 - 317

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXI (2015) nr 46

Autor Dariusz Kwiatkowski (Wydział Teologiczny, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza/Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)


The Anointing of the Sick as a Sacrament of Divine Mercy

The article presents the anointing of the sick as a Sacrament of Divine Mercy. The image of God who is rich in mercy is taken to be the point of departure. The entire history of Salvation is marked by the action of God who is a merciful Father. The full image of God’s mercy has been revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ and in His salvific action. Christ has manifested His mercy in a particular way to those who are sick and suffering. The Church continues the salvific mission of Christ through the Sacraments. Through the anointing of the sick, the person who is ill receives the Holy Spirit, so that he may be strengthened in bearing his sufferings,  filled with trust, protected from temptation and doubt and have his health restored. As such, it is a Sacrament through which God reveals His mercy. The prayers, the biblical readings and the sacramental formula all attest to this fact very clearly. In the Sacrament of the Sick, the fatherly love of God flows from His Heart and touches the suffering person, brings him relief in suffering and the forgiveness of sins with the grace of Salvation. 


Mercy, love, Sacrament, anointing of the sick, sacramental formula, suffering, illness, healing, forgiveness, salvation