Ucałowanie ołtarza i ewangeliarza

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Strona: 73 - 88

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXI (2015), nr 45

Autor Kazimierz Lijka OMI (Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza/Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)


The kiss given to the altar and to the Gospel Book


During the solemn celebration of the Mass in the seventh century, the pope reached the altar and venerated the Gospel Book and the altar with a kiss.  Until the 12th century it was customary in Rome to kiss the altar only upon coming in for Mass and departing. However, in the later Middle Ages the kissing of the altar seems to have been multiplied. Innocent III speaks of the altar being kissed three times and in the days of Durandus nine such salutations were in use. The altar was regarded already in late antiquity as the symbol of Christ, abiding permanently with His Church in the Sacrifice of the Mass. This kiss has also special reference to the relics of the saints therein enshrined. In the Tridentine liturgy the altar was kissed ten times. There is no doubt that during the Eucharistic celebration among the most significant kisses were those of the altar and of the Gospel Book.

By kissing the Book of the Gospels the Church and its minister is venerating or revering Christ himself. The Book of the Gospels was brought to the Bishop after the proclamation of the reading to be kissed as a sign of reverence toward the Word of God. In the liturgy of the Middle Ages, provision was made that all clerics participating in the celebration would kiss the Book of the Gospels.

Today the altar is kissed only twice in conformity with the earlier tradition. On arriving at the altar and before leaving it the principal celebrant and the Deacon venerate the altar with a kiss. When the Eucharist is concelebrated, the concelebrants venerate the altar with a kiss at the beginning of the Mass. When the deacon is assisting the bishop, he carries the Book of the Gospels to him to be kissed, or else kisses it himself, saying the formula: “Through the words of the Gospel may our sins by wiped away”.

Słowa kluczowe: pocałunek, ołtarz, Ewangeliarz, Eucharystia, Msza Święta.

Key words: kiss, altar, Book of the Gospels, Eucharist, Holy Mass.