Święty Jan Paweł II w mediach społecznościowych

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Strona: 369 - 382

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXI (2015) nr 46

Autor Piotr Wajs



Saint John Paul II was the first pope in the time of the Internet. He didn’t stay indifferent to the digital revolution, and already at its beginning he indicated to the Church that this is the tool that should be used in announcing the Jesus Christ’s address. The first websites with the religious contents were made from the initiative of our pope. The further developement of the Internet gave the infrastructure WEB 2.O. The community media which contain many contents connected with life, teaching and death of saint John Paul II were created on its basis. The wealth of forms and contents published by the Internet society was shown on the basis of the services Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It should be emphasised that the aim of this deliberations is not to create the virtual saint, but to show the genuine religious experiences connected with saint John Paul II. They became the cause of the publication of the most of the content. From the religious point of view, the requests for the prayer, the memories from the meetings during the pilgrimages and the invitations for the religious events connected with the worship of the saint are the most precious entries connected with John Paul II. John Paul II is the saint whom the richest collection of the multimedia that can be created by means of the contemporary tools is devoted to. So the Church’s duty is to use this resource to propagate the salvation also in the digital world, in accordance with the Jesus’s mission.