Some Important Notes on the Orthodox Theology of Icon

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Strona: 499 - 511

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIII (2017) nr 50

Autor Ioniţă Apostolache



In the Orthodox Church the icon has a very important role. Liturgical speaking is it is an object which is indispensable for the cult. Moreover, from theological point of view, the icon represents the mirror through eternity. Through the icons we honouree our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God and the saints which are represented in it, but never we don’t honouree the material from which is made the icon. In our study we had try to make a short analyse about the theology of icon from the orthodox point of view. In this context we presented like example the Icon of Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Another important point of our research is the apologetical specific of iconoclasms. In this concern we had spoken about the communist period in the Orthodox Church in Romania.