Duszpasterski kairos orędzia, kultu i jubileuszu 100-lecia objawień fatimskich

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Strona: 431 - 444

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIII (2017) nr 50


The pastoral kairos of the message, worship and jubilee of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima

 The Fatima message introduces us into the sacramental life, in the center of which is the Eucharist with the rewarding Communion, in the prayer life with a special emphasis on the prayer of the Rosary, but above of all calls for repentance and conversion. The Fatima message is prophetic in its character because it shows the coherence of the history of salvation with the universal history through the specific Fatima theology of the signs of the times, especially in the three parts of the so-called secret of Fatima. The Fatima message, composed of the cycle of the Angel, the cycle of Mary and the cycle of the Heart of Mary, has alongside the doctrinal part, shaped and influenced new forms of piety, with particular emphasis on the cult of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and related religious practices such as the Rosary and the service of the first Saturdays.