Znaczenie systemu rodzinnego dla rozwoju osobowości twórczej na przykładzie Jana Sebastiana Bacha

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Strona: 169 - 190

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIII (2017) nr 49

Autor Paweł Brudek Piotr Kierpal


The role of the family system for the development of creative personality on the example of Jan Sebastian Bach


Virginia Satir — who exerted a significant influence on the development of psychotherapy in general, and family therapy in particular — one of her books entitled The New People Making. In the above book, she argues that the family plays a unique role in development of man in all its dimensions — physical, mental and spiritual. With this in mind, an important research problem was considered to explain the relationship between the quality of functioning of the family system and the development of the creative personality of the individual. This article attempts to answer the question about the role of the family environment in the process of shaping the creative personality of one of the most outstanding Baroque composers — Johann Sebastian Bach.

Keywords: creative personality, family system, Johann Sebastian Bach.