Z zagadnień ornamentyki w kompozycjach gregoriańskich. Znaczenie elementu oriscus w kontekście neumy pressus maior

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Strona: 203 - 228

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIII (2017) nr 49

Autor Irina Chachulska


On the problems of ornamentation in gregorian compositions: The meaning of the oriscus element in the pressus maior neume


The article undertakes the problem of the interpretation of the pressus maior neume, namely, the vocal and rhytmic significance of its middle element — oriscus. The results of the comparative examinations of the ten western maedieval manuscripts have proved the fact of the purposeful use of this element in the context ot the pressus maior neume, which is believed by the most of the contemporary scholar to be the mere „neumatic equivalent” of the combination of simple neumes (e. g. virga+clivis). What’s more, there is some traces that can by found in the theoretical sources, which imply ornamental nature of the oriscus neum. The particular significance of this neum is also supported by the modal- esthetic analysis of the melodies using the pressus neum.

Key words: pressus, pressus maior, pressus minor, oriscus, coagulata