Tradycje polskiej pasji na przykładzie Via Crucis na głosy solowe, chór i orkiestrę kameralną Andrzeja Nikodemowicza

Traditions of polish passion on the example of Via Crucis for solo voices, choir and chamber orchestra by Andrzej Nikodemowicz

Treść artykułu: Pobierz | Czytaj

Strona: 427 - 445

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXI (2015) nr 46

Autor Marek Dudek


Passion, a musical form that describes the mystery of the passion and death of Christ is among contemporary composers a kind of link between the past and the present. On one hand, the great tradition of Gregorian chant, motet style and polyphony, and on the other, the aesthetic variety of modernity, allowing almost unlimited possibility of self-creation. When creating a Via Crucis for solo voices, choir and chamber orchestra, Andrzej Nikodemowicz wanted to combine these elements in the most authentic way. Being considered in musical circles to be the leading representative of the religious trend, he decided to write a Polish passion, not knowing that the piece of music would become his personal tribute to his de- ceased wife. As a result, the music score cards, in addition to composing technique, revealed the true man, the artist torn by a variety of emotions and feelings. Taking into account Ni- kodemowicz’s innate self-reserve, it is an unusual possibility to get to know at least a part of his personality through the prism of his work.

Keywords: Nikodemowicz,Via Cruces, thepassion—examples, work, creation, elements, analysis.