Symbolika barw, czas i przestrzeń na akatystowych ikonach Bogurodzicy. Schemat ikonograficzny bizantyński i ruski

The symbolism of color, space and time for the Mother of God icons created by the basis akatist. The canon of Byzantine and Russian

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Strona: 417 - 436

Publikacja w numerze Rok XVII (2011) nr 38

Autor Olga Cyrek


Among the paintings deserve attention Marian icons, which emphasized the Theothokos titles contained in the so-called liturgical hymns (acatist). It is this type of imagery includes such icons as Mother of God life — giving source, Veil of Our Lady (Protection) and the Mother of God enthroned.  On these icons of the Theotokos is surrounded by cosmic attributes that indicate that sche is the Queen of Heaven and is associated with all creatures. The central place is occupied by Mary and Child, and is surrounded around her smaller paintings. Just like any icon theological content transitted through a specific work of art, or color, form and line. Prospective lines do not concide in one point here, but guided by the viewer. Colors have a symbolic meaning. Space and time do not have the icon nothing to do with the laws of physics, but reversed the laws of nature. The icon is after all done from the standpoint of eternity, thus uniting in one plane scene taking place at different times. The main characters are placed on the axis of the icons and have larger size, so you create a proper hierarchy of forms. While less im- portant elements are treatet conventionally.