Przestrzeń kościelna między kanonem a bezładem

Church Space between the Canon and the Chaos

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Strona: 451 - 468

Publikacja w numerze Rok XVII (2011) nr 38

Autor Henryk Nadrowski MIC


Believing and practicing Catholics will understand the need of place, context and of special atmosphere for prayer, liturgy celebration and adoration. Still, an important and cur- rent problem are: the criteria, circumstances, content, form, iconographic programme of the facility ie. everything that contributes to this only and unique space, the space of the church. The problem concerns both the context, the surroundings, and above all the interior of the church. We ask both the recipients (the users) and the investors (usually the clergy) as well as those who design and build, the question: “How”? We ask them, how to create an adequate, suitable and appropriate sacred building which answers both the needs of a specific Christian community and is the work of the present time and of this era. Neither chaos, arbitrariness, lawlessness, mediocrity nor religious kitsch should have any access here.

Many good and pious people refer to their experiences, feelings and memories from their childhood or youth. They long for churches in the styles of bygone eras.

Historicism and even antiquization of architecture and sacred art, appear to be — according to those persons — the only and the best help for the failure of modern sacred architecture. Other people tend to the stereotype, template, standard and canon.

There seems to be forgotten the main message of Vatican II in this sphere ie. the need for creative development of the present day church buildings. The spirit and personality of the architect are the most important factors that affect the modern art architecture of sacred buildings.

The sense of dialogue and responsibility of all milieus enables to create serving and beautiful buildings imbued with knowledge and faith. They shall also be a specific manifes- tation of sanctification of our times — of consecratio mundi