Problemy akustyczne współczesnego budownictwa sakralnego na przykładzie Wotrubakirche i Donaucity-Kirche

Acoustics problems of modern sacred architecture on the basis of Wotrubakirche and Donaucity-Kirche

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Strona: 447 - 459

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXI (2015) nr 46

Autor Anna Sygulska


 One of the most important elements which constitute the functionality of the building is acoustics. In the interiors where speech and music are inextricably linked with the function of a building, this aspect cannot be neglected. Modern sacred architecture brings a lot of acoustic problems. To be precise, issue with acoustics in the building result from underestimation of this function, because it is possible to design acoustically functional interiors without losing the contemporary language of aesthetics and architectural expression. The study focused on the issue related to reverberance due to the fact that reverberation time is the most important parameter in the acoustic design of the church. The problem of reverberance was illustrated by acoustic research carried out in Vienna in churches Wotrubakirche and Donaucity-Kirche.