Medycyna i sztuka-arteterapia na przykładzie epitafium rodziny Kerberów w Brzegu

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Strona: 513 - 523

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIII (2017) nr 50

Autor Izabela Spielvogel


Medicine and art – artherapy on the  example of the epitaph of the Family Kerber from Brzeg


Artetherapy is a therapeutic method used in modern medicine as an aid to the healing process of many diseases. This field uses plastic, musical, literary and theatrical forms for therapeutic purposes. It gives the opportunity to symbolically express difficult experiences, experiences and emotions in safe conditions, and reduce the mental tension associated with traumatic illness. One of the techniques of art therapy is meditation of the work of art. The object chosen for meditation in this article is the Renaissance epitaph of the Protestant Kerber family from the shore, located in the church of St. Nicholas. The epitaph is characterized by a rich program of ideological and theological content and is an example of a sixteenth-century sepulchral artwork in Silesia. It is also a presentation of the artistic, cultural and moral values ​​of the epoch and the environment of Silesian townspeople in the 17th century.

 Key words: art therapy, medicine, art, Kerber’s epitaph, renaissance, Silesia, Brzeg.